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Supporting Our Advisors

Intervest International

At Intervest International, we provide independent financial professionals with personal attention. Our goal is to exceed our advisors' expectations for service and help them exceed their goals for success.

Dependable Efficiency

Accurate and timely responses help you grow your business. Here's how:

  • Expedient new business processing
  • On-time commission reports and deposits
  • Toll-free advisor support line

On-Line Service

We take information technology to its utmost to give you the right information, right now:

  • On-line new account processing
  • On-line newsletter
  • E-mail support
  • Status of insurance underwriting
  • On-line written supervisory procedures
  • On-line associates' reference materials

Product Versatility

As an independent financial services company, Intervest International objectively evaluates new products and services to assure a robust mix of versatile, high-quality offerings that meet your clients' needs:

  • Mutual funds
  • Variable annuities
  • Variable universal life
  • Investment advisory and wrap-fee programs
  • Traditional insurance
  • Direct participation programs
  • Stock and bond trading

Compliance Integrity and Foresight

We proactively monitor changes in SEC, FINRA and state regulations to help our advisors stay in full compliance with the regulations that apply to their lines of business:

  • Tailored continuing education programs and tracking
  • Registration and renewal tracking

Marketing Services

Intervest International offers proven programs to help successful financial advisors take their business and career to the next level:

  • Sales and marketing seminars
  • Practice management/development
  • Coordinated wholesaler support
  • Professional development co-op
  • Due diligence visits
  • Custom marketing tools

Individualized Flexibility

Intervest International allows independent financial advisors to maintain their flexibility as they grow their business:

  • Customized programs and services
  • Ability to tailor product offerings to specific client markets

Affordable E&O Coverage

Errors and Omissions coverage is required of all Intervest International advisors and is available at very affordable rates.

To find out how you can become an Intervest International advisor, call our main office at (800) 933-9299 or contact us by Email at

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