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Intervest Home Office

David M. Smith, CFP®

David M. Smith, CFP® is the Founder and CEO of the Intervest companies.

Upon graduation from the United States Military Academy in 1971, Dave served his military time in Germany resigning with the rank of Captain in 1977. He began doing financial planning for officers, senior enlisted service members and expatriates with another firm until 1980.

In 1980 Dave founded Intervest with the plan to build a well trained planning group utilizing the latest technology and products to serve Americans in Europe. In 1988 the broker/dealer Intervest International Equities Corp was formed. Intervest relocated to Colorado Springs in 1990 to expand to the US market and diversify the client base.

After serving as President of the retail sales group for Fortis from 1992-1996, Dave returned to Intervest to apply what he had learned running a very large nationwide distribution system. Intervest is now operating throughout the US and Europe.

Dave has two sons in the Midwest and enjoys golf, skiing and boating.

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