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Who Are We?

Intervest International, Inc. (III)

Intervest International, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor and is the parent company of the Intervest triad. III specializes in total financial planning for families, business executives, and small business owners as well as military and government personnel. We feature an exclusive group of Certified Financial Planner™ licensees and associates who provide complete and objective financial advice for our clients. III also provides professional asset management, both directly as well as through selected third-party money managers.

Through our programs and services, we help our clients avoid the problems caused by inflation, taxes and money mismanagement — all vital issues in today's rapidly changing economy. We focus on alternative solutions and provide effective recommendations designed to achieve financial success for those we serve.

Our approach to the changing problems and opportunities that make up today's economy is unique. We apply financial planning principles and techniques that are custom designed for each client. We do not represent any one company; instead, we represent the needs of our clients: providing solutions that are both objective and comprehensive. Our clients' financial planning goals are, and will always be, first and foremost.

Intervest International Equities Corporation (IIEC)

Intervest International Equities Corporation is an FINRA/SIPC member securities firm and a subsidiary of III. IIEC provides a wide selection of investment products and services to the public:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Variable Annuities
  • Variable Life Insurance
  • Direct Participation Programs (public/private)
  • Individual Stock and Bond Trading

IIEC has NO proprietary products. Our registered representatives offer objective and unbiased answers to your investment questions.

Intervest Insurance Agency (IIA)

Intervest Insurance Agency is a subsidiary of III, and serves as a Managing General Agent for a robust selection of fixed insurance and annuity products. IIA is NOT a "captive" insurance agency, which means our agents are free to "shop around" among multiple companies to find cost-effective solutions for your fixed product needs.

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